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Celebrating 15 years.

Padua Kindergarten-About us

Padua is an exclusive, locally owned Kindergarten, that offers Peninsula families an alternative to the large businesses which have taken over much of the early childhood industry. Padua fosters a natural play based program within a positive and stimulating learning environment. Encouraging creative thinking, budding artistic passions and imaginative play. Most importantly, as part of a young person's journey, Padua welcomes children to embrace and develop a positive sense of self. Building resilience, independence, responsibility, respect & perseverance.

Padua Kindergarten follows the inclusive vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life” and operates under the Early Years Frame Works vision:


Recognising that knowing where and with whom you belong is integral to human existence, providing a basis for children’s interdependence and relationships with others


Recognising and valuing the “here and now” in children’s lives, and viewing childhood as more than simply preparation for adulthood or for the future


Recognising the rapid and significant learning and development that occurs in the early years, and the capability and potential of all children.

Padua’s founder and director Jannah, came to a realisation early on in her years within the industry that all children have a very natural affiliation and love for the natural environment. Over her years of study and working all over the Peninsula, combined with her own personal passion for the outdoors and natural living, It inspired what she brought to the children each day.

Twenty-three years industry experience later, and Padua now celebrating 13 years in business, it continues to grow and evolve by building on a foundation of natural play, love and respect for one another and the world we live in. This allows a natural stepping stone in all areas of the all-important early years of holistic development for our children. It's a fabulous amalgamation with an up to date curriculum to ensure each child’s blossoming life skills and school readiness are second to none. Supported by an equally passionate team and always growing community, Padua is a haven for positive growth in all the right directions.

Rather than competing, Padua offers a high quality alternative. Padua believes parents to be as much a part of Padua's journey as their children. Padua has a policy to interview all new families seeking enrolment.