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'Recognising and valuing the “here and now” in children’s lives, and viewing childhood as more than simply preparation for adulthood or for the future'

As there are usually more families interested in attending Padua than there are places available, any child wishing to enter our kindergarten program must first be on our Waitlist. Padua ensures that there are clear guidelines for the management of the waiting list and for the allocation of places.
Our Waitlist Philosophy is available on request.


As we are a small, locally owned kindergarten, we pride ourselves on personally connecting with families seeking enrolment until places are filled. Families not interviewed will stay on the waitlist until they indicate they wish to be removed.

See table below to determine appropriate time frames for your child:

*Commencement Year Enrolments or Bookings Interviews Conducted Waiting-List
2023 Limited places May & June 2022
2024 Now welcome May & June 2023 Register
2025 Open for enrolment May & June 2024 Register
2026 Open for enrolment May & June 2025 Register

On commencement year of kindergarten all children must turn three by April 30th. We welcome a second year of 4 year old kindergarten if necessary.

Padua Kindergarten currently offers a choice of full time (5 days on discussion of suitability) or part time (minimum 2 days, 3 or 4 available )

  • Hours for both 3 & 4 year old programs are 9am to 3pm
  • Padua offers extended hours from 7.30am to 5.30pm


Padua Kindergarten operates under a daily set fee. This is discussed on enrolment interview.


Parents who are eligible can claim a Child Care Benefit or the Childcare rebate, and need to contact Centrelink to establish eligibility.