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4 Year Old Kindergarten

Our 4-year-old Kindergarten program is delivered by experienced, qualified and passionate Kindergarten teachers. It ensures that children are ready for the transition in the following year to school life – physically, cognitively, socially, spiritually and emotionally. Padua embraces the fundamentals of early development, fostering and encouraging resilience, independence, respect and responsibility. We strive to harness the flourishing self-esteem that is a core part of children being successful and passionate learners.

All children are responsible in caring for and nurturing their Kindergarten, developing and planting seeds for a life-long respect for the environment around them, for themselves and for others. Our unique program is equally based on child's interest and intentional teaching of topics. This scaffolds development back to the to the Department of Educations Early Years Framework. It allows the aims and outcomes of the Early Years Framework to come to fruition for all children to achieve their individual potential.

Padua prides itself on positive community relationships with local and independent schools. We work closely on transition towards the year ending to ensure children and families receive the best start for the following year after Padua. Local school principals and teachers visit Padua in Term 3. Our Padua teachers proudly hand deliver transition reports to prospective teachers for the coming prep year.

* Padua is supportive of a 2nd year of 3 or 4 year old kindergarten.

School Readiness

Padua prides itself on ensuring all of our students are ready for their school journey, across all areas of their early year’s development.

Frequent and close communication, enables Padua’s parents and teachers to walk your child towards a confident start at school. Indicators of school readiness include but are not limited to, your child demonstrating sound development and readiness with regards to:

  • A strong sense of identity
  • A connection with and ability to contribute to their world
  • A positive sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement as a learner
  • Effective communication

All children enrolled in the 4 year old program, unless discussed prior, will be on their school journey for the following year. Exceptions are children born in March or April, and/or children requiring further development across the abovementioned areas.

Where necessary, Padua’s experienced teachers, along with specialist services, may assess your child’s school readiness. A second year of four year old kindergarten will be recommended if your child is determined to have delays in at least two areas of development and it’s deemed that your child will benefit from re-attending four year old kindergarten. These discussions are kept consistent with your child's teacher and the director throughout the year.

We respect that every child is an individual in their own right, therefore each journey is unique.